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I'm Kat Teacher! I'm here to take the lead as your child's teacher.

Hello there! I'm your trusted English teacher, and I'm here to make learning English and reading at home a breeze for you. Say goodbye to the guesswork and join me on an exciting journey towards unlocking the magic of English, reading and learning!

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What people are saying

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There is no teacher better than Kat. :)

I am happy to find great teacher.

Jee Suk: South Korea

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This is the best representation of Jolly Phonic style teaching that I have come across. The variation of the videos are an excellent tool to help all levels of students progress through the SATPIN group. The children become very confident as they can quickly sound out and read words in a very short time period. Plus Kat Teacher has included a fun an simple way of teaching for complete beginners.

Peter: Thailand

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Kat is a really good teacher, she is sweet and professionnaI. We love her lessons! 

FĂ©lycitie: France