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Learning the Days of the Week: English for Beginners and Kids

Learning the Days of the Week English for Beginners Kids ESL

Learning the Days of the Week:
What day is it today?

Hey everyone! So glad to see you! Today I’ve got a free download for my Learning the Days of the Week Chart: English for Beginners. You’ll totally love adding this to your collection of English Learning Materials that you use with your students or your kids who are learning English.

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Continue below to download your English Chart…

Learning the Days of the Week:
Daily Chart for Moms and Your kids!

You can practice with your child every day, don’t forget proper pronunciation!

  • Sunday: SUN-day. The first part of the day is the MOST important.
  • Monday: MUN-day. Sounds the same as sun-day
  • Tuesday: TUEZ-day. That ‘s’ sounds has a vibrating zzz sound.
  • Wednesday: Wednesday sounds like WENZ-day.
  • Thursday: THURZ-day
  • Friday: FRY-day
  • Saturday: In American English it sounds like SAH-der-day

You can click on the chart below to download your own English chart (in a PDF File) for Learning the Days of the Week, and print it out at home. Have fun learning!

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