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English Video for Beginners and Intermediate Students: Can’t Sleep

English Video for Beginners and Intermediate

English for Beginners & Intermediate Students

I just can’t sleep! This 5-minute video is a little English video for Beginners & Intermediate when you can’t sleep! I introduce the fabulous ladies in my Facebook Group for Moms Learning English

For beginners, I made you some subtitles! For intermediate students, try it without the subtitles, and listen to my naturally spoken English for the first time, and improve your listening skills.

English video for Beginners & Intermediate Students

Writing in English

Could you sleep last night?

Try writing (and speaking out loud!) some examples in the comments below:

Here’s my Written English example for Beginner students:

I’m so tired today. Last night, I didn’t sleep well, because my thoughts kept me up. I couldn’t get to sleep, and my mind was racing all night! Finally, I fell asleep, but I’m very sleepy today.

Here’s my Written English example for Intermediate Students:

I really didn’t sleep well. I couldn’t sleep at all last night! I got into bed early, and I slept for 2 hours, then I woke up. Oh nooooooo…. The bright lights outside kept me up. My mind was racing, I was thinking about work and my friends and then my family and then work again… I was thinking way too much. I tried and tried to get to sleep, but I couldn’t. Finally, early this morning, I fell asleep. I look so tired in my video :).

Now you try!

Write in the comments below or send me an e-mail at kat@katteacher.com to try out your new vocabulary words.

Lots of love!

Kat Teacher

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